What You Should Be Looking for When Hiring an LGBT Estate Planning Lawyer?

estate planning lawyer

estate planning lawyerFamily law, corporate law, tax law — each law area is complicated, with its own processes, norms, and vocabulary. Our law firm is experienced in LGBT family law that centers on relationships between members of a family. LGBT estate planning will fall under that umbrella, and it will include a plethora of services with the aim of protecting you, your family members, and your assets, in the event of your death or incapacitation.

Knowledgeable in Every Area of Estate Planning

An effective lawyer must have knowledge of all aspects of LGBT estate planning to provide you the best solutions that are most appropriate for your needs. The most typical elements include: wills, end of life care, trusts, power of attorney, HIPAA authorization and healthcare directives.

Experience With LGBT Cases

Having unique knowledge of the LGBT community matters. Having deep knowledge in national, state, and local legislation that affects LGBT families and individuals is important, especially as this legislation is often updated through case laws, as well as interacts with additional legislation in complicated ways. Understanding those nuances may ensure that you’re protected against discrimination, whether right now or down the line, and that your decisions and relationships are going to be respected.

Easy to Work With

LGBT estate planning attorneys can have all of the knowledge in the world; however, if they’re challenging to work with, it’ll do nothing to help you. Whichever lawyer you choose, they must be well-organized and respond in a timely manner. Also, communications are critical— they must have the ability to “translate” legal terms into everyday vocabulary that’s easy to understand. That’s vital so that you have the ability to make the best decisions in an educated way. The lawyer, of course, isn’t a counselor; however, they shouldn’t leave you feeling distraught or overwhelmed. In contrast, all interactions with them ought to leave you feeling more sure about your decisions, with a concise plan forward.

Our estate planning lawyers at Blackburn Law Firm have years of knowledge working with LGBT families and individuals. Call us at 727-826-0923 to check if we are the proper fit for your estate planning, probate, or Medicaid Planning needs.

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