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bradenton fl mapThere are few LGBTQ-friendly attorneys in Bradenton, FL, because lawyers don’t always want to listen to the concerns of LGBTQ clients. That’s not the case with us. We are equipped to handle various LGBT problems involving business ownership, legal life planning, and probate.

LGBTQ people are facing an ever-changing legal landscape. We help determine whether LGBTQ people are protected under federal or state law. The life plan we develop for each client is based on a thorough consultation that considers all of the client’s needs, wishes, and concerns.

Assisting the LGBTQ community

Our experience as a member of the LGBTQ community allows us to understand the challenges that many of our clients face regularly. Most LGBTQ people do not feel comfortable defending their rights publicly because they are afraid of being judged. We understand these struggles and provide an environment where LGBTQ individuals can live without the fear of being judged.

Everyone deserves to be themselves – gay and lesbian people included! Let’s celebrate love in all its forms!

Get a Customized Experience

Sadly, we are aware that most LGBTQ individuals only plan for their future after it’s too late. Our mission is to enable LGBTQ people to take the first steps to live a whole and happy life without fear.

We’re not hiding behind a glass wall. We know what you are going through. In contrast to many lawyers, we answer phone calls and treat every client with the kindness they deserve.

Stabilize  Your Future By Choosing The Right Attorney

same sex wedding ceremonyMembers of the LGBTQ community often face stressful situations and struggle to balance their well-being with their future stability. For consensual same-sex relationships, discriminatory laws in many countries criminalize them, subjecting LGBTQ people to arrest, blackmail, extortion, stigma, and even the death penalty in other countries.

To successfully resolve your disputes and establish a new foundation, you need the right attorney at your side. Your problems will be much more efficient when you have a trustworthy life plan law attorney who offers insight, creative solutions, and problem-solving abilities.

Please do not hesitate to call us. Our team will help you develop a life plan to make critical legal decisions in confidence.

Our Approach to Help

life plan law google mapWith decades of experience and legal expertise in various life plan law issues, we are prepared to represent clients effectively. When LGBTQ clients seek assistance, we respond promptly and work diligently. Throughout the process of navigating your legal matter, we will always protect your right to the most favorable outcome.

Members of the LGBTQ community were often subjected to targeted violence and physical attacks. They were beaten, sexually assaulted, tortured, and killed.  Following the 2015 Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, LGBTQ couples and families are theoretically on even footing with their straight counterparts. However, that is not always the case. Unfortunately, there are legal hoops that LGBTQ couples must still jump through when it comes to health care, children, and other aspects of life. The interpretation and ramifications of this ruling have raised many legal questions for many years to come. In Florida, gay and lesbian couples still face substantial obstacles and discriminatory practices undermining their goals, dignity, and security.

As an LGBTQ attorney in Bradenton, Florida we provide clients with a complete range of legal services to help them solve problems, plan for the future and exercise their legal rights.

Tackling Equality And Access Problems

Even though the law has changed, it will take people and institutions more time to adapt. Your constitutional rights may still be under threat. It is an issue of fairness, but there are often creative solutions involving family law, estate planning, civil contract law, and civil rights advocacy.

Our attorneys are familiar with the unique legal issues gay, and lesbian parents face, including second-parent adoptions, same-sex surrogacy arrangements, property disputes, and child support disputes. For dispute resolution, we use the collaborative process, where possible, to avoid tearing families apart and to build bridges between parents.

You should have all rights, honors, and recognition. Our attorneys make it a point to provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere for our LGBTQ clients seeking help in life plan law.

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