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I have never read a study or story about someone who wants to spend their final months or years in a nursing home.  Nonetheless, aging is inevitable, and abilities will decline for each of us.  According to statistics from 2015, 68% of people age 65 or older will become disabled in at least two activities of daily living.  Thirty-five percent (35%) of people over age 65 will eventually enter a nursing home.  Florida has the second-largest number of residents over age 65 in the nation.  Odds are many seniors will require assistance at some time.

Paying for assistance is a challenge for most Americans.  Even for wealthy persons, how much to pay and to whom is a challenge.  According to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, the average cost of nursing home care in Florida was $8,797 per month in 2017.  That is an enormous amount of money, and few people can or will pay it for long.

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Medicaid Programs

Medicaid is a joint federal and state program to provide health care for people whose assets and income fall below certain levels. Medicaid is different from Medicare, and it is important to keep these two programs separate. Federal law defines the rules for the Medicaid and Medicare programs. The federal government implements and manages Medicare. The individual states implement and manage Medicaid.

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