Information For Buyers


real estate attorney is the only member of your home-buying team qualified to give you legal advice. If you hire Blackburn Law Firm before you sign a purchase contract, you’ll be making sure that your home-buying experience goes as smoothly as possible and that potential problems are resolved before closing. Why risk using a non lawyer/attorney title agency and hoping no legal problems arise?

Blackburn Law Firm can advise you on important issues pertaining to your real estate transaction from the contract to closing and beyond. Below are some examples of how Blackburn Law Firm may be of assistance with your real estate purchase:

  • Provide legal advice throughout the transaction.
  • Review the contract and explain to you all the provisions and contingencies.
  • In proper legal language, add any contingencies needed to protect your interests.
  • Inform you of your legal rights and obligations.
  • Prepare or review the closing statements and other closing documents.
  • Interpret and counsel you about all legal documents including deeds and mortgages.
  • Advise you on how you should take title to the home and how it affects your estate.
  • Review the property survey and discuss with you any potential problems.
  • Assist you with information and laws associated with homestead tax exemption.


Without the assistance of an attorney by your side, you may face issues such as:

  • Unnecessary taxes or expenses because the purchase contract terms were not negotiated in your favor.
  • A contract that isn’t enforceable, complete, or consistent with your original intent.
  • Breach of contract caused by lack of understanding of the terms and its contingencies.
  • Problems with the title that make it difficult for you to sell in the future.
  • Find out after the purchase that you cannot use the property the way you intended.
  • Seller finds a way to get out of the contract when they receive a better offer.


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