Health Care Surrogate Designation


A Health Care Surrogate designation is one of the most important documents for GLBT people. It formally appoints one or more persons to make health care decisions when the individual is temporarily or permanently unable to make his or her own decisions. It permits the surrogate to visit and obtain medical records. The Health Care Surrogate designation can be personalized to incorporate provisions of a living will or even combined with a living will.

Health care surrogate designations are important in minimizing confusion and stress that frequently accompany a serious illness or injury. A surrogate designation avoids searching for a family member to make emergency decisions and places decision-making clearly in the hands of a named person. Many authorities strongly recommend that all persons prepare a health care surrogate designation.

Florida law is designed to make surrogate designations easy to prepare and use, and blank forms can be obtained from many medical providers, office supply stores, and on the internet. Even a simple form is better than none. – Blackburn Law Firm, PLLC offers a FREE simple health care surrogate designation and always prepares this document with a Life Planning Package. Please call or email – Blackburn Law Firm, PLLC now to obtain a FREE designation form or schedule an appointment to consider a Life Planning package that fits your needs.