RON with Advance Health Care Directives

A living will does not require a notary. It does require two witnesses.

To sign a living will online, the principal (the signor) will need to be authenticated by the two-step process (credential analysis and knowledge based authentication). At least one Florida RON provider, Florida Document Specialists, can provide witnesses at a cost of $20 per witness per session. I do not know what Florida Document Specialists would charge for an online signature without a notary.

The alternative to using witnesses provided by the RON provider is to have your own witnesses. If you provide your own witnesses, each witness must pass the two step authentication process.

A health care surrogate designation, like a living will, does not require a notary. Also like a living will, the HCS designation requires two witnesses.

If you are willing to have two witnesses present with you when you sign a living will and/or health care surrogate designation, you do not need RON. You can download a free living will and health care surrogate form HERE – fill it out and sign in the presence of two witnesses.

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