Problems With RON

At this time, Blackburn Law Firm, PLLC – does not use RON. We anticipate making the Simple Life Plan (find out MORE HERE) compatible with RON when the electronic wills provisions become effective on July 1, 2020.

Because RON is so new, and many of the technical aspects of it must be performed by third-party providers, we do not have sufficient information or experience to recommend it at this time. In addition, it cannot be used at this time for wills or trusts. It’s use for POAs is limited since witnesses must be present with the signor in order to activate the super powers.

We do use Docusign to sign contracts and other documents electronically when those documents do not require witnesses or a notary. We do have a payment portal to pay fees by credit card online.

While Blackburn Law Firm does not use or recommend RON for life plan documents, the RON process is perfectly acceptable for deeds, mortgages, contracts, real estate settlement sheets, or other documents that are commonly understood by non-lawyers and do not suffer the limitations imposed on life plan documents.

Blackburn Law Firm – directs its practice to personal service. We strive to learn each client’s specific needs, circumstances, and goals while preparing life plan documents drafted for those specific needs, circumstances, and goals. We stress clear and direct communication by answering the phone, responding to telephone and email questions, explaining documents thoroughly at in-person meetings, executing documents in our office with witnesses and notary service provided by us, providing original life plan documents in an organized notebook, providing paper and/or electronic copies of documents, and remaining accessible to our clients for future questions or needs.

To the extent that technology enhances this level of service, we add and implement technological enhancements. However, we strive to implement these enhancements without demanding that our clients learn or use specific technology. We make our services as easy as possible for our clients.

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